An open letter to Ben Liebke, Liebke Projects, and prospective clients.

In conversation with our structural engineers, ACOR, I was given Ben’s name.

First, he came to the appointment on time. A good start. Second, he listened to what we wanted to achieve – simply, a beautiful home. Third, Ben presented us with a ten page itemised list of what our renovation would cost. We knew right from the beginning where our money was going.

Ben gave us a time line of 6 months. We were lucky with the weather – very little rain and we moved back home exactly 6 months later. Ben is years ahead of most builders both in knowledge and skill.

I will be honest, I am a fairly demanding person, in so far as my expectations go in quality and workmanship. Ben’s team did not disappoint in any detail. He runs a tight ship, and the loyalty his team show is very evident in the pride they show in their work. Now we are happily ensconced in our home and our friends and neighbours cannot believe the quality and time frame of the build.

Of course these are all just words to you, I suggest you meet Ben and make up your own mind. Then enjoy the beautiful home he will build for you.