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The Vaucluse Bathroom Project was one in which we shared with the team at Minosa Design.

The clients of the Vaucluse project contacted Minosa Design for their expertise in redesigning the main bathroom of their Eastern Sydney apartment. Being an apartment, and a small bathroom space at that, the plumbing of the bathroom was set in place – this was a hurdle to be overcome throughout the course of the project.

From the start of the project Liebke Projects met with the clients, alongside Minosa Design, to discuss the project scope taking into account the current construction of the bathroom layout. constant communication between the clients, designers and out team allowed for the project to run smoothly resulting in the design breif being met and client satisfaction along the way.

Published in the July 2015 edition of Home Beautiful Magazine as a feature article was one of our recent projects, the Vaucluse Bathroom. Read below, a snippet of the Home Beautiful Magazine article…

Who Lives Here? Corporate Professionals

Original Room: The main bathroom in a new contemporary apartment in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

Time Frame: Eight Weeks

Why The Makeover? The room had been finished with bland, budget fittings and was dominated by a bulky vanity.

The Works: The couple called on Darren Genner of design firm Minosa to renovate the room. Hampered somewhat by fixed apartment plumbing, the Minosa team ripped everything out and built a faux wall running the length of the bathroom to accomodate sleek, recessed joinery and allow the shower to fit in next to the bath.

Key Features: The vanity and the shower were repositioned and fresh fittings installed, with the toilet positioned behind a wall for privacy. The whole space was redecorated in a natural, luxe palette, resulting in a major style rebirth.

Lesson Learned: Working with fixed plumbing in an apartment might not restrict placement of new fittings as much as you think; if you’re planning a layout restructure, ask your designer, builder or plumber about the possibilities.

“The design of this bathroom plays with your eye and makes the space feel bigger”
– Darren Genner, Minosa Design.

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