Beach Shack to Street Standout | Collaroy Project

Collaroy Home Build

Liebke Projects transforms a 1950’s fibro beach shack into a contemporary family home. The transformation of this house into a modern family home has been an exciting project for the team to work on. An updated take on the minimalist beach shack it once was, the renovation celebrates the elements of contemporary beachside living.

Explore & Develop Project

LOCATION Freshwater, Sydney NSW | PROJECT Commercial Childcare Fitout

Liebke Projects led construction of an Explore & Develop childcare centre, in their first project of this kind since the company began in 2008. Ben Liebke, owner of Liebke Projects and his wife, Sally lead the project with Sally taking up the design reigns, collaborating with Liebke Projects architect, Sarah Blacker, and Daniel Kavanagh from The Garden Makers to bring her vision to life. The result is a playful, gently structured space that transitions organically from indoors to outdoors. Elements such as sandstone, wooden stumps and poles, and bright, airy windows designed to encourage interactivity from the children who will spend their days here.

Liebke Projects home design

Rodd Point Project

LOCATION Rodd point, Sydney NSW | PROJECT Full House Renovation

The Rodd Point Project, located in Sydney’s Inner West, saw the full reconstruction of a once single storey brick residence, transforming it into an architecturally designed, modern street standout.

Purchased as an investment property to renovate and sell, the owners had the home architecturally re-designed for resale, with the sale of this home making record property sales for the Sydney suburb.