Home Design Magazine Feature Article

Feature article in the Home Design Magazine’s Annual Collectors Edition (2015) for the recently completed Vaucluse Main Bathroom renovation!

This classic bathroom encompasses everything you need with a simple aesthetic – The beauty of a neutral bathroom that focuses on the basics is that the colour scheme can be altered with ease using soft furnishings and décor items – Home Design Magazine

Apartment renovations can often be tricky in regards to available space and structural limitations; this bathroom had its original design limitations.   To ensure both design aesthetics and functionality was achieved, the team at Minosa redesigned the layout and complete flow of this bathroom which, in this case, also included the redirection of the existing plumbing.

The real success of this design apart from the design aesthetic is the function, now on entry you see the vanity and from a function perspective this is the centre of the space; generally the last thing you use so it makes sense to be the first and last item of view and use – Minosa